Pennsylvania State Capital Dome
Pennsylvania State Capital Dome

Are your current investment, tax, estate and insurance providers collaborating to provide your family integrated advice?

Fairman Group Family Office serves as the connective hub that coordinates and communicates with other advisors you may have in place.

You deserve a trusted advisor who understands your needs and can provide a 360-degree view of your financial life.

Questions you might have…

What is next in my financial life?

What should I expect from my advisor?

What will retirement look like?

Is what I am doing providing integrated advice and getting me where I need to go?

Is a family office appropriate for someone like me?

What is the Fairman Group Family Office client experience?

Does my advisor understand what is important to me?

What is the impact of taxes?

What should I know about fiduciary advice?

What happens to my finances when life happens differently than I had planned?